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Who We Are

General History

1026073_716243825063611_397452730_oBarry and Deb Schlouch founded Schlouch Incorporated in 1983 in the basement of their home in Berks County, Pennsylvania to do excavating and utilities. They didn’t own any equipment at the time and had no firm jobs on the books. Schlouch’s first job in 1983 was a $15,000 assignment to prepare a site for Wendy’s Restaurant in West Reading. Since then, they have gone on to add design, survey, blasting, concrete and paving. Their vision and confidence was the beginning of what has become one of the leading total site preparation specialists in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Today, Schlouch is a company with 275 employees and 300 plus pieces of equipment including 150 pieces of heavy equipment. The company enjoys repeat business from most major local and regional owners, developers and contractors as well as from many national firms handling construction management in the area. More than 60% of Schlouch’s business each year comes from repeat customers, a testimonial to Schlouch’s quality work, on-time performance and competitive pricing.

Schlouch has never lost sight of its roots. While the company receives many multi-million dollar contracts each year, Barry and Deb are proud to say that their firm still does excavation for basements and small residential and commercial projects and has a skilled team with their own equipment just to handle those tasks.

Mission Statement

1237299_623492697672058_1408870945_oSchlouch Incorporated is founded on the premise that we are in business to be profitable and respond to the needs of people, by developing healthy relationships between our people and their families, our customers, vendors, and our communities.

Our working climate is safe, supportive, friendly and non-political in a goal-oriented setting. We encourage and help our team members develop and make best use of their individual talents and potential and compensate team members for their contribution to the Company’s success.

Schlouch Incorporated is a single source provider of quality site design and construction services to residential, commercial, industrial, energy and governmental customers. These activities are performed at prices that promote revenue growth and profit on investment at planned levels.

Our intent is to develop conscientious, ongoing relationships with our customers, by discovering and satisfying their identified and unidentified needs.

We provide and promote a safe work environment and we require each person to think, act, and work safely.

The people of this Company function as a cohesive team of competent individuals dedicated to setting and achieving goals that exemplify the Company’s commitment to this Mission.

We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit, and have an openness to new ideas and innovations. We continually challenge methods and assumptions and caution against complacency.

It is our goal to be a niche provider to the construction industry, by providing high value, quality work and by differentiating our services.

We achieve these Vision Guidelines in an ethical and legal atmosphere, where mutual trust and understanding are practiced. Our ethics are based on being fair and honest with all people. We always follow through with our commitments.

Schlouch Incorporated’s Mission guides the company in all of its decisions and in its behavior toward others be they fellow employees, their families, our customers, our vendors or the general public. It is SI’s road map to success.


1264493_627428130611848_3852775_oIn building our highly successful, customer-oriented business, people have been our most important consideration. Schlouch Incorporated enjoys a leading-edge position in our industry because we recognized early on that it is the competence, attitude and training of the people doing the job that make the difference in safety, quality, productivity and savings.

Customers enjoy open and honest communications with every member of the Schlouch team. This open communication is key to Schlouch’s success. Schlouch people are encouraged to view their work as entrepreneurs and to be comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas with each other as well as with leadership and customers.

An early contact for you as a new customer of Schlouch will be the Project Coordinator/Estimator who will discuss your job and present the estimated cost for completing our tasks. In house, our specialized estimating software makes proposal preparation faster and more accurate. Your Project Coordinator/Estimator will make certain your project proceeds smoothly through the Schlouch organization, communicating all details of the project to the Site Coordinator, the highly-skilled person in the field who will stay with your job from start to finish.

All members of the Schlouch team are supported with the latest in technology. This includes a sophisticated field communications system with Smart Phones, an on-site computer network with remote access for field personnel and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) control.