Who We Are

Our Mission

People. Passion. Culture.


Schlouch Incorporated is founded on the premise that we are in business to be profitable and respond to the needs of people, by developing healthy relationships between our people and their families, our customers, vendors, and our communities. Our working climate is safe, supportive, friendly and non-political in a goal-oriented setting. We encourage and help our team members develop and make best use of their individual talents and potential and compensate team members for their contribution to the Company’s success. Schlouch Incorporated is a single source provider of quality site design and construction services to residential, commercial, industrial, energy and governmental customers.

Our intent is to develop conscientious, ongoing relationships with our customers, by discovering and satisfying their identified and unidentified needs. We provide and promote a safe work environment and we require each person to think, act, and work safely. The people of this Company function as a cohesive team of competent individuals dedicated to setting and achieving goals that exemplify the Company’s commitment to this Mission. We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit, and have an openness to new ideas and innovations.

We continually challenge methods and assumptions and caution against complacency. It is our goal to be a niche provider to the construction industry, by providing high value, quality work and by differentiating our services. We achieve these Vision Guidelines in an ethical and legal atmosphere, where mutual trust and understanding are practiced.